Peregrine Glove

Peregrine VR Glove - Beta Edition


NOTE: This is the Peregrine VR Glove - Beta Edition.  It is available now in limited quantities.  See below for additional details.


The Peregrine VR Glove works seamlessly with Steam VR, replacing the standard controllers with easy to use gloves.

Users can grab, throw, twist, pinch and touch objects in VR, or activate commands by touching their fingers.  When a finger makes contact with the thumb or palm the touch is detected instantly and turned into a button press or action.  The controls can be customized easily for any Steam VR application using the GloveBox DriVR, with setup typically taking less than 15 minutes.

The Peregrine VR Glove detects your hand's location with industry standard Lighthouse tracking, providing tremendous precision.  With the Steam VR Skeletal Input system, a pose-able photorealistic VR hand mimics your actual hand movements and poses.

Experience the VR Glove you've been waiting for!



  • Touch Sensing with patented TouchPoint technology
  • Updated Touch Sensing technology with expanded touch zones
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • Lighthouse Positional tracking
  • Motion tracking
  • Haptic feedback via vibration
  • Steam VR Driver (OpenXR compatible)
  • Interchangeable Gloves

Comes with:

  • (2) Peregrine VR Gloves - (1) Right Hand Glove and (1) Left Hand Glove
  • (2) Tundra Trackers*
  • (2) Tracker To Glove Mounts 

*Trackers are required for the Beta Peregrine VR Glove to function.


THIS IS A BETA VERSION OF THE PEREGRINE VR GLOVE.  It connects wireless to the VR system. Beta versions will not have the level of polish on some features that a final commercial product would have. It may include 3D printed parts. Shipped product may vary in design from photo. The Beta version is intended for clients who require early access to a functional Peregrine VR Glove.  If you are unsure if this is the right product for you please contact us.


ORDERS AND SHIPPING: Only available as custom order. Allow 6-8 weeks for shipping. Shipping times may increase based on demand.


WARRANTY:   1 Year Warranty on Electronics Pods.  6 Month Warranty on gloves covers product function and manufacturer defects, not wear due to use.  Manufacturer reserves right to substitute commercial product in place of beta product in the event warranty is required. 


NOTE: Designed to work with HTC Vive, Valve Index, HTC Vive Pro and other Steam VR headsets.  Not yet compatible out of the box with Oculus products.