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The World’s Smartest Gloves

It all began with a simple yet powerful idea – could we just touch our fingers to type?

From an idea written on paper, to a functional prototype the journey had begun. We’re dedicated to design, build and engineer the future of wearable technology and interfaces. At our core Peregrine is about more than just playing games – it’s about making people more efficient, productive, safer and capable.

With a rich foundation of intellectual property, practical knowledge and hands on experience in wearable glove technology the Peregrine Glove team are on a journey to build the world’s smartest gloves.

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Custom Hands-On VR Training Scenario

"A 20 minute VR simulation could have saved that person's life."

We specialize in hands-on virtual training solutions, offering end-to-end software and hardware services to bring digital training scenarios to life. 

We build effective custom enterprise training scenarios exactly to specifications of real-world facilities and training center.

From there, we leverage our industry-leading rich-hand presence technology with turnkey hardware solutions to deploy the entire experience across client facilities. 

Our services include:

  • Custom-Tailored VR & AR Training Solutions
  • Digital Twinning 
  • Turnkey Hardware Procurement
  • Virtual Design & Prototype Product Lab
  • High-Consequence & High-Risk Scenario Re-Creation

Benefits of incorporating VR into workforce training and education:

  • Reduce worker injury rate by 70%
  • Save thousands of dollars in training hard costs per student 
  • Increased job confidence from 20% to 68%
  • Drop the need for repeat procedures in real world from 25% to 2%
  • Improve error-free performance from 34% to 82%
  • Improve soft-skills by 40% over classrooms and e-learning
  • Reduce inspection times by as much as 86%

Advantages over traditional educational offerings:

  • Simulate high-consequence and high-risk scenarios repeatedly with ease
  • Remote training executed simultaneously across multiple facilities
  • Track macro chokepoints and specific trainee problem areas
  • Ensure consistent modelling and procedures across all facilities
  • Replicate knowledge from long-time employees approaching retirement
  • Experiment with new combinations and layouts of product offerings and facility design 

Demo Reel: Hands-On VR Training In Action

Automotive And Precision Parts Handling Video

This uncut video demonstrates assembly and handling of small parts as a user changes transmission fluid on a vehicle and explores other parts of the vehicle.

Peregrine VR Glove in Surgery Simulation

Demonstrates the Peregrine VR Glove in a surgery setting, ideal for medical and nursing students and adaptable to various healthcare procedures.

“It is faster, cheaper, more challenging, and more fun than the other types of learning - and it is also deeper. Today’s immersive learning is compelling because it is better.”

Jorrit Van Der Togt, Executive VP of HR Strategy & Learning, Shell

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