Peregrine VR Glove

See the prototype in action. More details coming soon!

Inside The Peregrine

Your hands are your greatest tool – take control of the controller

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Harness your instinctive reflexes

17 customize-able TouchPoints perfectly positioned on your fingers make it possible. Just tap a location with the state-of-the-art thumb sensor to create a keystroke. Welcome to a new level of efficiency.

Precise, durable and ready for action

This is where decisions become actions. The seamless thumb sensor is constructed from durable stainless steel, that is easily shaped to your thumb. With a slight grip on finger contact, it just feels right.

It’s ready to work, are you?

Get started quickly, with no nonsense

GloveBox 2.0 is where the magic comes to life. No bloated software, no complicated interfaces. Configuring your glove couldn’t be easier. Plug in, run the software and choose what keys are activated by what touch points. Launch your program and be ready at a moments notice.

Use many programs? Not a problem! Save your profiles for easy switching to and from your needs.

Only the Best

Every touch location, every stitch and every piece of fabric has been chosen to build to the most comfortable and intuitive wearable interface in the world

See for Yourself