Peregrine Glove

The Peregrine VR Glove

The world’s easiest and most scaleable VR glove. Experience natural hand presence in VR without sacrificing functionality.

Touch-sensing creates controller inputs with a touch of the finger. Simple software lets you plug & play with ease. Form fitting technology with industry leading tracking makes everything feel just right.

It’s the VR glove you’ve been waiting for.

Training That Works

Custom-built immersive enterprise VR training.

We offer turnkey hardware & software solutions for easy implementation across all facilities. Simulate high-consequence scenarios, track macro chokepoints, and identify problem areas.

Watch as trainees learn 4x faster, increase job confidence by 50%, and reduce injuries by 70%. All with 25% savings on the cost of traditional training.

Peregrine VR Glove Compatible with

Unreal Engine

Steam VR

Unity Engine

HTC Vive

Valve Index