Peregrine Glove

Peregrine VR Glove at EWTS 2019


The Peregrine VR Glove works seamlessly with Steam VR, replacing the standard controllers with an easy to use glove.

Users can grab, throw, twist, pinch and touch objects in VR, or activate commands by touching their fingers.  When a finger makes contact with the thumb or palm the touch is detected instantly and turned into a button press or action.  The controls can be customized easily for any Steam VR application using the GloveBox DriVR, with setup typically taking less than 15 minutes.

The Peregrine VR Glove detects your hand's location with industry standard Lighthouse tracking, providing tremendous precision.  With the Steam VR Skeletal Input system, a pose-able photorealistic VR hand mimics your actual hand movements and poses.

With upcoming wireless connectivity it will sync seamlessly with your existing VR setup.  Haptic feedback in the form of vibration on the back of the hand provides an additional layer of interaction with virtual environments.

Pre-order now for planned shipment in Q2 2020.

Experience the VR Glove you've been waiting for!




Demo Reel Video

Brief demonstrations of hand gestures, equipment training with firearms, and detailed task training with automotive disassembly.


CEO Intro and Peregrine VR Glove Sneak Peak

A 2-minute introduction to the Peregrine VR Glove by Brent Baier, CEO and Founder, with short clips showing the glove in action.


Automotive And Precision Parts Handling Video

This uncut video demonstrates assembly and handling of small parts as a user disassembles a brake assembly on a vehicle and other systems on the vehicle.


Peregrine VR Glove in Valve's Hand Labs Demo

Demonstrates the Peregrine VR Glove doing various gestures and interactions in a complete walk through of the Valve Aperture Hand Labs Demo.