Custom Hands-On VR Training Scenario

"A 20 minute VR simulation could have saved that person's life."

We specialize in hands-on virtual training solutions, offering end-to-end software and hardware services to bring digital training scenarios to life. 

We build effective custom enterprise training scenarios exactly to specifications of real-world facilities and training center.

From there, we leverage our industry-leading rich-hand presence technology with turnkey hardware solutions to deploy the entire experience across client facilities. 

Our services include:

  • Custom-Tailored VR & AR Training Solutions
  • Digital Twinning 
  • Turnkey Hardware Procurement
  • Virtual Design & Prototype Product Lab
  • High-Consequence & High-Risk Scenario Re-Creation

Benefits of incorporating VR into workforce training and education:

  • Reduce worker injury rate by 70%
  • Save thousands of dollars in training hard costs per student 
  • Increased job confidence from 20% to 68%
  • Drop the need for repeat procedures in real world from 25% to 2%
  • Improve error-free performance from 34% to 82%
  • Improve soft-skills by 40% over classrooms and e-learning
  • Reduce inspection times by as much as 86%

Advantages over traditional educational offerings:

  • Simulate high-consequence and high-risk scenarios repeatedly with ease
  • Remote training executed simultaneously across multiple facilities
  • Track macro chokepoints and specific trainee problem areas
  • Ensure consistent modelling and procedures across all facilities
  • Replicate knowledge from long-time employees approaching retirement
  • Experiment with new combinations and layouts of product offerings and facility design 

Demo Reel: Hands-On VR Training In Action

Automotive And Precision Parts Handling Video

This uncut video demonstrates assembly and handling of small parts as a user changes transmission fluid on a vehicle and explores other parts of the vehicle.

Peregrine VR Glove in Surgery Simulation

Demonstrates the Peregrine VR Glove in a surgery setting, ideal for medical and nursing students and adaptable to various healthcare procedures.

“It is faster, cheaper, more challenging, and more fun than the other types of learning - and it is also deeper. Today’s immersive learning is compelling because it is better.”

Jorrit Van Der Togt, Executive VP of HR Strategy & Learning, Shell

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